About Us


Kenko e motions and actuators has made a name for itself as one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Electric Linear Actuator for Hospital, Furniture Beds, Automotive and various industries in India. Kenko has been the original equipment supplier for various companies.

Kenkos actuators are industry certified, user friendly models with medium to high force Capabilities. These actuators can be used across a wide range of industries like, the furniture industry, the medical industry and various consumer products.

Kenko E Motion And Actuators "Vision"

Kenko dedicates itself to help it's customers thrive in the changing world. Kenko believes in progress, growth and possibility. Kenko is also dedicated to help all it's customers make ther lives and business easier and better, by providing them with user friendly products and services. Kenko is passionate about it’s customers and dedicated to working towards their needs in order to meet their demands of tomorrow.

Kenko E motions And Actuators "Strategy"

Kenko aims to build a never-ending partnership with it's customers. Along with it's customer's support, Kenko looks to maximize the potential of traditional businesses through a combination of enhanced quality service, creative marketing and innovative price and cost efficiency. Kenko simultaneously looks to pursue a profitable growth rate by migrating it’s customers to a new range of products and services.

Companies Location

Pune is Maharashtra's cultural capital and a lively city, home to people belonging to multiple religions and speaking different languages. It has excellent educational facilities and therefore a large student population to make for a vibrant nightlife and energetic atmosphere. It is also a major industrial centre, growing rapidly every year. The city has long been a hub for Army activities and now has a burgeoning software industry. Our company located in MIDC Plot No.A-102, "H" Block, MIDC, Pimpri, Pune.

What We Offer

Long Term Commitment.
Aggressive & Attractive Cost
Product Structured to meet customer need.
Value to customer by bundling other product
High quality Standards
Strong Research & Development